Wordpress 5.0 released ! What's new ?

Wordpress 5.0 released ! What's new ?

After months of hard work, testing, beta and release candidate versions, Wordpress 5.0 is out ! Interested in new features it can offer ? Take a quick tour below.

Wordpress 5.0 Evolution or Revolution ?

Wordpress provides support for more than 30% of websites in the internet. It has been downloaded around 200 000 000 million times. It's perfect for small and big websites. Wordpress provides minimal base for developers who wants to extend the script. Growing popularity of website builders scripts like Elementor convinced WP developers to try extending it's minimal approach. That's why they developed Gutenberg. Next generation WYSIWYG editor.

Wordpress 5.0 and Gutenberg

Below is the default Gutenberg blank post.

Wordpress 5.0

Gutenberg – what features has to offer ?

Do you remember facebook Notes editor ? It was pure editing experience with nice and clean interface. At first, Gutenberg looks very similar. In fact it's way way more advanced. Gutenber allows you to create whole sophisticated layouts with text, graphics and lots of dynamic content. Take a look:

Wordpress 5.0

Content editing is absolutely fantastic:

Wordpress 5.0

Additionally Gutenberg provides following features:

  • predefined text styles, lots of them
  • live HTML preview of your content
  • built in buttons which can be placed on your page anywhere you want
  • dynamic social widgets, around 50 of them by default
  • lots of placement possibilities and layout editing
  • ability to create anchors and conspects

Of course Gutenberg is perfectly prepared for building your own plugins. It allows extending blocks, plugins, layout options etc..

Może tutaj jakieś linki do tych szablonów / rozwiązań?

Wordpress 5.0 – Core Changes

It's Faster. Default theme was optimized for mobile and desktop viewing which results 30% better scoring in speed tests.
Rest API changes. More freedom for developers. Wordpress 5.0 gives you more possibilities to create your own apps based which uses api to exchange data.

and thousands of fixed bugs and security improvements.

Is it worth to update my production website to Wordpress 5.0?

Not at all. Test it. Install it on your testing environment. Update your themes. Test the new editor but DON'T just DON'T update your production website. Initial release is alwasy testing release. Only small amount of people is testing betas and rc versions. Pure testing starts when final version is released. So 5.0.1 version is always bugfix release. Our advice is to wait till 5.0.1 is out and THEN eventually try to update your production website. Don't forget that Gutenberg is a HUGE changes. Your theme must be changed / modified to support Gutenberg. Make sure it does before updating.


You can download newest Wordpress 5 release from respective location.

Need a help?

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