the website of the church "FOR EVERYONE" located in Bemowo, Warsaw.

We have finished our newest project lasting the last weeks - website of the church from Warsaw, the Christian Community "Zachód(West)". At the end of the previous year, during a stay in Warsaw, we had a conversation with our good friends about the creation of a new website. It was supposed to reflect the nature of the project and visual identity prepared earlier.

Consistency is the key!

In each of our projects we are huge supporters of coherent identification - both graphics for print and graphics placed online. In this case, the whole identification was composed by Agnieszka Dajlidzionek's studio (

Sch Zachód

Sch Zachód

Time to pick the environment - Wordpress!

We approach each project very individually. What matters is not what is popular at the moment, but the fact that the customer can easily and intuitively add new content and make changes to the site. Due to the functionality required in the final product, we chose Wordpress as our base system of the new site!

Wordpress schzachód

Christian Community in Bemowo?

The Christian West community is a place full of people who in a sincere and open way say who they are, what they have lived and what they believe in, that's why it was important for us to have this information in key places that would be easily accessible to visitors.

Sch Zachód

Sch Zachód

Change the world for the better!

People who create a community are people with big hearts engaging in the life of the local community. They set themselves the goal to make the surrounding world a better place. By helping, they do not just close to their immediate surroundings, but their activities are also visible in countries such as Moldova and Nepal. In its design, the site was to integrate people from the church with each other but also with those who may be looking for such a place for themselves.

Misje schzachód

Something for everyone ... useful!

Apart from the necessary information, such as the hours and places of the weekly meetings, the website includes, for example, an audio player, calendar synchronization with a Google account or an interactive map. All elements, of course, have been adapted to be consistent with church identification.

Sch Zachód

Sch Zachód

We are convinced of the value of the details that we place in each project. In this we decided to create an individual preloader site based on the new church logo.

Preloader schzachód

Big thanks to the whole Devlom team for the extraordinary commitment to the project, putting the heart in the smallest detail and we invite you to view this beautiful site with your own eyes!