Website positioning

Website positioning process begins much earlier than placing the finished files on the server. SEO itself (Search Engine Optimization – optimization of the content taking into consideration search engine results) is influenced by various elements placed inside a website, from appropriately edited texts to choosing suitable headings, tags and external links. Final result depends on paying attention to details. Any mistakes at this point will lead to serious consequences for final positioning of a website.

SEO starts much earlier

Website positioning is the starting point for further conceptual work and content placement. Before thinking about visuals of a site, it is advisable to answer a few key questions:


  • Who is your recipient / target client?
  • What questions might your clients type in?
  • Which catchphrases do you want to be visible under in search results?
  • What are the distinctive features of your product?
  • How do you want to stand out among your competition?
  • What valuable content do you want to provide, aside from promoting your offer?

Once there are answers to all the above it is time to plan specific content. It is good to keep the answers in mind so as not to forget the target audience and the mode of communication.

Quantity matters

The quantity as well as the quality of the content matters. Each page should have more than 250/300 words. Google’s algorithm will discern this way that the website provides valuable content, which, in turn, will be reflected in the site’s position in search results. We strongly recommend preparing the content before commissioning the development of the website. It will speed up the process as we will be able to determine the final structure of the site.

Photos and videos

Contemporary sites usually feature a lot of photos and videos to enhance visitor’s experience, which is beneficial to keep in mind while developing a website. However, it is also worth remembering that the site cannot be „overloaded” with visual enhancements as it can be partially responsible for decreased loading speed and increased undesirable visual stimuli for the audience.

Content quality

Google’s positioning engine pays special attention to repetitions. If Google robots detect that a website overuses similar phrases and in fact copies the same content over again, they will mark it as unattractive which will make it virtually nonexistent in search results. Share valuable content with your clients, boast about your realizations and remember how you want to be perceived on the web. Do not forget about copyright; do not copy content from other websites – Google is going to detect your plagiarism anyway.